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How losing power for almost 3 full days made me think of life in Colonial America

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What was life like without electricity?  How was the night different without lights?  What sounds were alive when there was no noise from machines, cars, or the sounds of our modern civilization?

While the power was out here in Yardley, the stars were amazing.  It was almost as good a show as when we would go to the desert at night when we lived in Southern California.  Usually there is so much light “pollution” competing with the night sky.

We could hear everything that our neighbors did for many houses in each direction.  There was no air conditioning, closed windows, or other modern lifestyle noise to wash out the sounds.  One morning I woke up to my neighbors dog crying, I thought it was in another part of my house!

The songs of the birds, and the insects were much more complex than usual.  I heard birds that sing softer than the average birds.  Amazing.

We shifted when we woke up and when we went to sleep, more in tune with the sunshine.  No tv, no internet, no real entertainment outside of ourselves.  We had flashlights to read books, and candles to eat cold dinners with.  We found a pack of playing cards and it was so weird to play cards in “3D” instead of on the computer!

We told stories and brought up memories.  We are fortunate to have our extended family all living together, so my parents, my husband, my sister, and her children were all together.

My husband and my nephew did a lot of hard physical labor for 2 days to prepare for the storm, and then to keep up with the water during the torrential rains.  The hauled buckets out of the basement for hours and hours starting at 3am on Saturday night.

So, we had a taste of life in the past…

This article is about life in Colonial Times.



Visit the William Trent House Museum!  Beautifully restored to the 1719 condition.



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